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Permanent Makeup

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Hi, I’m Irina. The owner and artist of Brow Artistry by Irina. I have helped thousands of clients like yourself feel beautiful and whole again!

Whether you are struggling with a chronic hair loss issue, the effects of aging or a traumatic physical experience or simply want to enhance your look, my goal is to make you feel safe & comfortable while delivering life-changing transformations using permanent makeup procedures in a loving and supportive atmosphere.

As a professional Permanent Makeup Artist in Bay County, FL since 2018, I’m known for my ability to achieve symmetry and color match with precision for ultra natural-looking procedures and expert artist training around the world.

We offer the following services:

Brows – Realistic and natural looking, drop the hassle of penciling in your brows every day.

  • Eyebrow Microblading
  • Eyebrow Shading aka Soft Powder Brow
  • Combination Brow aka Blade & Shade

Eyeliner – wake up looking refreshed with natural looking eyeliner that make your lashes look thicker. No more smudged eyeliner while swimming and enjoying your favorite activities.

  • Eyeliner / Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo

Lips – one of the greatest secrets to looking younger is infusing color into lips and defining them.

  • Permanent Lip Blushing/Aquarelle Lips

Areola tattoo – the most realistic, natural looking areolas attainable to those who have had a mastectomy, in a loving, understanding and comforting environment.

  • 3D Areola Tattoo / Nipple restoration tattoo

90% of our clients come from word of mouth and referrals, including top plastic surgeons and breast surgeons from across the state who confidently send their clients to me for my award-winning approach to creating realistic reconstructive tattooed designs.

Our motto is ‘I know this is your face, but also that’s my reputation on your face. If you look good- we, look good too!’. Through our hard work, we were voted Best of Bay Brow Studio in 2023 and we are dedicated to keeping this title for years to come.