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How Can I Show More Tone In My Thighs With Surgery?

Thigh Lift

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3 Minute Read:

You have done the squats. You have done the dieting. You feel like you finally see some muscle under those thighs again. But there is still something holding back that perfectly chiseled look. 

What is it? Is it excess skin that is causing chafing? Is it stubborn fat that just does not seem to go anywhere?

Having excess skin and fat around the thighs can significantly take away from the tone in your lower body. Fortunately, thigh lift surgery and liposuction can make it substantially easier to see the muscular definition in your legs. 

Here are some ways a thigh lift and liposuction can be performed to achieve the singular goal of amplifying your physique to the highest aesthetic. 

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How Can Thigh Lifts Show More Tone In My Thighs?

Excess skin on the thighs occurs after significant weight loss or with the natural aging process. This skin often rubs together to create uncomfortable and unsightly rashes. 

Thigh lift surgery removes the excess skin on the thighs so that the legs appear firmer and more muscular. 

A thigh lift is unique in that its incision patterns are based on the area or areas of the tissue matrixes that need to be reshaped, tightened, or reduced to achieve the ideal proportions and contours. 

For example, it is common for incisions to exist in the groin and extend downward to wrap around the back of the thigh. Naturally, this makes the incision considerably harder to notice when the scars begin to heal. 

To bring out a better-toned lower body, some incisions may only occur in the groin area or extend from the groin around the hip. The smoothness and tightness that is bound to bring out all your tone are only going to look better with time, as your swelling subsides, and your body gets a chance to rest. 

How Can Liposuction Show More Tone In My Thighs? 

Liposuction precisely removes localized fat deposits to recontour one or multiple areas of the lower body for a smoother, youthful, and elegant look. 

For patients that are doing everything they can to show off their tone but are still having trouble with specific pockets of fat trouble, liposuction can be an essential tool in body contouring. 

Liposuction is most successful for those already close to their ideal weight, so if you have been waiting to show off all the hard work you did at the gym, liposuction may be the perfect treatment for you to top off your hard-earned results. 

Can I Workout After Thigh Lift and Liposuction Surgery? 

Those looking to maintain their new look and hit the gym as soon as possible should be happy to hear that you should start walking around in the hours and days following your thigh lift to reduce swelling and clotting in the legs. 

Yet, healing is different for everyone, and patients will be prompted to be careful in performing a rigorous activity for about a month. The follow-up visits you schedule will be designed to monitor your healing progress. 

Four to six weeks after your treatments, you should be able to notice a considerable difference in the tone and definition of your lower body. 

How Can I Learn More About Showing More Tone With Cosmetic Surgery?

If you are interested in learning more about thigh lifts and liposuction or would like to set up a consultation with Dr. Mockler, contact Panama City Plastic Surgery by calling  (850) 769-7270  or by filling out our online contact form.